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No Wrong Door


No Wrong Door is a virtual single point of entry for accessing public and private health and human supports for older adults and adults with disabilities in Virginia. No Wrong Door is both the philosophy that drives the initiative and the name that Virginia has given to the Federal initiative called Aging and Disability Resource Connections (ADRC). At times the terms are used interchangeably, but most often, when No Wrong Door is used, it is referencing Virginia’s initiative and when ADRC is used, it is referencing the Federal perspective.

The vision of No Wrong Door/ADRC in Virginia is to provide older adults and adults with disabilities with comprehensive information and streamlined access to available long term supports through collaborative partnerships and shared technology. No Wrong Door/ADRC partners within each community contribute their unique expertise, collaborate and share client-level data, with consent, through a secure system in order to streamline access to supports and maximize efficiencies. This approach is positioning Virginia to support an increasing population of older adults and individuals with disabilities in the environment of their choice.

Virginia has implemented a unique public-private partnership approach to eliminating walls between service populations, improving efficiencies and addressing long-term support according to each individual’s unique situation. No Wrong Door/ADRC is designed to help older adults, caregivers, adults with disabilities, veterans and their families find the supports that will benefit them no matter where they start the process or what their unique combination of needs may be.

The Virginia Division for the Aging (VDA) and the Division of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) at the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) coordinate and provide technical assistance for No Wrong Door/ADRC, in partnership with SeniorNavigator, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. State and local agencies and organizations that collaborated with the development and implementation of No Wrong Door/ADRC include the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), Department of Social Services (DSS), Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (BHDS), Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired (DBVI), Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VDDHH), Department of Health (VDH) Office of the Attorney General (OAG), Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (VBPD), Community Integration for People with Disabilities, 2-1-1 VIRGINIA, state associations, community disability and advocacy organizations, the Virginia Caregiver Coalition, and Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs), their local governments, local providers and consumers.

Area Agencies on Aging coordinate No Wrong Door/ADRC with community partners and the assistance of Advisory Councils. Currently, twenty-three of Virginia’s twenty-five planning districts are joining with local partners to form No Wrong Door/ADRC communities. Implementation of the No Wrong Door Initiative among the Area Agency on Aging regions varies according to collaboration with other local public agencies, and program funding received by local private and public sources. Additionally, the number of local agencies using all or part of the web-based software will also vary in each locality. The ability to share information allows agencies to provide the individuals they serve with efficient and effective access to supports that fit individuals’ needs and preferences.

The benefits of No Wrong Door are many. The most exciting benefit is that public agencies and participating private providers are able to share client information in a confidential and secure manner through a web-based software system. This system includes an information and referral tool that is integrated with a comprehensive provider database, a comprehensive client assessment, and case management tool. No Wrong Door/ADRC uses CRIA (Communication, Referral, Information and Assistance) to help coordinate supports between human service entities and providers so that people are empowered to stay in their homes and communities and avoid institutions.

Individuals receiving services through No Wrong Door/ADRC participating agencies will only have to tell their story once and their information can then be sent to other agencies electronically with the individual’s permission. Because the providers use the same system, individuals will receive consistent information about services and support options no matter where they enter the system within that network.

In addition, No Wrong Door/ADRC has given the public immediate access to information about support services for older adults and individuals with disabilities through Virginia Easy Access ( Virginia Easy Access is a web portal that provides helpful information about services and supports that are available across the Commonwealth for older adults, adults with disabilities, their caregivers and supporters, and providers. Virginia Easy Access is the gateway to the VirginiaNavigator provider database. The provider database helps individuals find local services and supports. The database is constantly updated in order to assure the most comprehensive and up to date list of providers and their services is available.

Virginia Easy Access is also supported by 2-1-1 VIRGINIA. Individuals can ask a question by e-mail and get a response back from the 2-1-1 VIRGINIA Community Resource Specialist. For people who do not have access to the Internet at home or at their local library, a phone call to 2-1-1 anywhere in Virginia will connect the caller with one of the Commonwealth’s 2-1-1 VIRGINIA Community Resource Specialists. By dialing 2-1-1, a trained professional listens to the caller's situation and refers them to resources using one of the largest databases of health and human services in Virginia. These resources include government, nonprofit, community-based agencies, and businesses that provide health and human service information. Referrals are confidential.

No Wrong Door/ADRC is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s approach to delivering convenient and efficient access to adult health and human services. Area Agencies on Aging and local collaborating partners, Virginia Easy Access and connection to the VirginiaNavigator database of providers, and 2-1-1 VIRGINIA all support No Wrong Door. For more information about No Wrong Door in your community, contact your local Agency on Aging.

We invite you to review the No Wrong Door/ADRC Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Accessing No Wrong Door Information and Services:

If you are looking for information about long term care supports for yourself or a loved one:

If you are searching for long term supports for yourself or a loved one:


If your agency or organization would like a presentation on No Wrong Door/ADRC, contact Kathleen Vaughan at the Virginia Division for the Aging at (804) 662-9153. You may also click on No Wrong Door for a PowerPoint overview.

If you are a private and/or non-profit service provider and would like additional information about partnering with No Wrong Door/ADRC in support of the individuals you serve, visit or contact SeniorNavigator at (804) 525-7728. A copy of the NWD User Agreement (.pdf) is available for download/viewing.

If you are a service provider currently using the No Wrong Door Tools, visit nwdtools on this website for additional resources.

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